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Since its inception, Reputation Weaver was formed as a natural response by minded solution-oriented individuals to the increasingly critical question of business’ expansive online image, with a operating interest in stemming tumultuous tides and returning all due glory to brands blemished often without warrant and otherwise without repair.

We are an innovative full service company which acts as a one-stop-shop for clients or customers, allowing them to draw on commutable or fully integrated services for websites. We help customers identify the best ways to achieve maximum exposure on the market by providing the best possible services. Our key focus is always to provide you with reliable solutions which are carefully designed and premeditated with stringent quality standards. We offer guaranteed results and have a 100% success rate! Yes, we are that confident that we can bring your marketing efforts to such a high level, that you will dominate your market niche!

Our leadership derives from decades of entrepreneurial experience and finds form in a community of experts gleaning all threads and weaving the web— for you.

We operate from our Head Office in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and staff a full team in Pune, India with talented experts.


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It’s fun to work in a creative environment where the team is passionate and hardworking. We hold our standards high and work with you to bring the highest quality in our work. Each teammate is trying hard to deliver superior results. Our expert team makes use of the latest technology in the industry to generate better results. We provide personalized web based solutions, to help clients understand the work progress in detail.
Gordon McKenna
President – Reputation Weaver/Fix My Computer Dude Gordon’s extensive technology background includes decades of executive experience within domestic and international operations...
Clay Dawson
VP Operations
My myriad responsibilities at Reputation Weaver are associative of honing our staff to a team of Weavers collectively owning our craft. Naturally, this includes overseeing process streamlining...
Balkrishna Bhagat
VP Operations (India)
My responsibilities at Reputation Weaver involve Business Development, Strategic planning & Quality Analyst with a broad spectrum of business development skills. I am responsible for...
Mathew Dujka
Manager- Sales & Customer Service
I maintain customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving resources, managing staff, implementing new ideas for process improvement, developing standards...
We as a service provider understand that the results can be achieved by having a complete understanding of the customers/clients precise and accurate requirement. Reputation Weaver clients arrive at us from all industries and avenues. Our clients range from some of the biggest names in their respective business or industries, to equally important though lesser known companies and they count on us for great quality, high efficiency, and competitive rates with cutting-edge technology.
Reputation Weaver ensures that our clients acquire the most prospective leads by increasing the visibility in search engines and creating result driven online marketing campaigns.
Our mission is to enable clients to become high-performance businesses and creating a lasting relationship by being responsible and relevant and by consistently delivering value.
We envision creating a one-stop solution platform for our clients in order to help them make a remarkable online reputation.
Your satisfaction and success are cornerstones upon which our growth is based. When you come to us, you can be assured to receive prompt and personalized attention. We believe in openness, collaboration, transparency, fair dealings and honesty; giving each client our best regardless the initial notoriety or infamy of their business. We nurture and take pride in our own brand by consistently delivering on our promises.
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